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International Student News

All the latest news and advice for prospective & current international students, keeping you informed on your education journey.

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  • 07 MAR 2023

    The first Indian campus of a foreign university has been approved

    Melbourne's Deakin University has received permission to open a campus in India, making it the first international institution to be given such approval. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will announce its plans in Gandhinagar on March 8, with another of his country's universities, Wollongong, expected to receive approval soon. It is hoped that both universities' campuses will open in 2023.

  • 05 MAR 2023

    UN treaty on the international recognition of qualifications takes effect

    The United Nations' Global Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education comes into force today, offering students moving between participating countries greater confidence that their qualifications will be recognised. A total of 21 countries have so far signed up to the agreement – including the UK, Australia and Tunisia – with many more set to follow.

  • 03 MAR 2023

    Denmark plans to offer more places on postgraduate courses delivered in English

    A proposal by the government of Denmark would see 1,100 places being made available on English-language master's courses in the country every year until 2028, rising to 2,500 from 2029. One goal of the plan is to attract more international students, which the Ministry of Higher Education and Science believes is important for businesses that "need highly specialised labour”.

  • 02 MAR 2023

    UK approach to international student recruitment is "unsustainable", says director of SOAS

    The director of SOAS University London has described the UK's pursuit of international students as an "astonishing risk". Speaking at the International Higher Education Forum, Adam Habib claimed that if recruitment from China and India were to suddenly stop, the majority of the country's universities would collapse. Additionally, Habib expressed his concerns that international recruitment was contributing to a damaging "brain drain".

  • 01 MAR 2023

    Australia and India agree to mutually recognise qualifications

    Australia and India will this week sign an agreement under which qualifications earned in either country will be recognised in both. The Mechanism for the Mutual Recognition of Qualifications is intended to increase co-operation and collaboration between the countries, and provide assurance to students. However, details of the agreement are yet to be announced, meaning that it is still unclear if it will apply to all qualifications.

  • 25 FEB 2023

    Student visa applications to America can now be made one year in advance

    International students can now apply for F and M study visas up to a year before their course begins in America, the country's government has announced. Previously, applications could only be made 120 days in advance. However, students will still be unable to enter the country until 30 days before the start of their course.