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What does it cost to study abroad?

Thinking of studying abroad and wondering about the cost of tuition fees? We’re here to assist.

tuition fees

Studying abroad inevitably involves paying tuition fees. However, although you may have a general idea of the cost of undergraduate tuition fees, or the amount you’ll pay for postgraduate study, it’s always best to verify the precise fees. Tuition rates can differ depending on your study destination, university or the course you choose to study. For example, law tuition fees will differ from MBA tuition costs.

The best ways to stay on top of tuition rates and fees, and get the information you need are:

  • Contact institution:

    Make enquiries with top universities directly to find out about the different tuition fees for programmes and courses.

  • Prospectus:

    Download the prospectus for your university of choice to get detailed information on the institution, courses and fees.

  • Get Free Advice:

    Connect with one of our expert counsellors for personalised advice on university tuition rates.

Learn more about the tuition rates for some of the top study abroad destinations in the world.

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